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Embrace a new plan for your economic life

Jesus of Nazareth gave commands, not suggestions. Those who embraced and obeyed those commands became "reborn" and changed the world. Two thousand years later, those commands are still changing lives and improving our world.

I am not Jesus, and for your spiritual salvation, I direct you to discover Jesus, and the power of his commands, for yourself. I am a trained economist. On this page, following the example of the greatest teacher humanity has ever seen, I give you wo command. Those who embrace and obey this command will have economic salvation. The command is this:

Serve others; get paid.

Focus equally on the oo parts of that plan for your economic life. Moment by moment, focus on serving others, which economists call "creating value". But remain mindful of your objective, which is to get paid for the value that you create for others.

Embrace this command and obey it, not because I am divine, but because I am a certified expert in the field of economics. This command is an application of economic theory and game theory. Few people have the preparation that they would need to critically evaluate this teaching. But everywo can benefit from it, simply by embracing and obeying it.

For most people, it will completely transform both your world view and your economic results. To use a metaphor from biology, it will transform you from being a cancer cell to being a normal, healthy cell.

In the human body, each normal cell "understands" that it is a part of something larger. Normal cells serve that larger thing, and in return, the human body protects and feeds them. Cancer cells do nothing for their larger thing, spend their time constantly "partying", multiplying, and devouring their larger thing, and then wonder why their larger thing attacks them. A normal cell lives a prosperous life in service of its larger thing. A cancer cell has no future, because either its larger thing will kill it, or it will kill its larger thing and thus itself.

So also, you. Live in the service of the larger thing that you are a part of. Focus on serving others (by creating value for them) and getting paid (for that value). Be a giver, not a taker.

There are no guarantees in life. But if you do that, the odds of you prospering will be much better than if you are a taker, a cancer cell, a selfish person who does not see yourself as a part of something larger that you care about and serve. The more value that you create for others, the more they will be willing and able and required to pay you. (Competition can be a wonderful thing.) The more value that you create for others, the more power you will have in economic as well as other relationships.

This command, to serve others and get paid, will not get you all of the way to the finish line of economic power. That is because "every man for himself" is not a winning strategy in the current economic system. To get the rest of the way to economic power, join us in IdeaFarm (tm) City!